Copy Paste from Unlimited Elements

Doubly lets you copy and paste fully designed sections from Unlimited Elements website.

Step 1.

Install Doubly

Install Doubly plugin directly from the WordPress plugins directory on your website. Don’t forget to activate after installation.

Step 2.

Copy UE Demo

Visit widget demo pages and hover over the section you want to copy. Click on the orange copy button to copy the section.

Step 3.

Paste Button

Visit the frontend view of one of your website pages that you want to paste the section to.  Click the paste button in the top WP toolbar.

Step 4.

Paste Cliboard

Paste the contents from your clipboard inside the input in the top Doubly toolbar.

Right click -> Paste or Ctrl + V

Step 5.

Paste Section

Hover over one of the sections on your webpage. Click the paste button to paste below or above your section.