Stop Wasting Time Moving Posts Manually!

With Doubly you can copy posts between websites and all their related data in seconds.

The Old Way

Remember those frustrating days when you had to copy WordPress posts manually from one website to another. It required a lot of hard work and many steps you needed to manage:

The Doubly Way

Say goodbye to all the hard work!
Just copy paste and Doubly will take care of the rest. You will see your copied post in the new website with all its  Content, Images, Media, Categories, Tags, Custom Fields and other related data.

It’s that easy, simple and fast. Your post is perfectly duplicated on the new website.

How It Works?

Just copy paste! 

Copy Paste Buttons

To make it easy Doubly adds copy paste buttons in every post or page to the top WordPress toolbar. Just click copy in one website and paste to another.

Bulk Copy Paste

In the WordPress admin Doubly adds additional bulk actions in every post list including media. Now you can copy paste multiple posts between websites.

Improve your workflow

See how it all comes together with Doubly and take a look at our real use cases.

Backup and Store Files

The quick one click export import feature lets you download assets to your computer and store them for backup purposes. Now you dont have to make a full website backup and you can back up only what you need.

Collaborate with colleagues

Sharing your assets was never so easy. Easily send a coworker a certain section of a design or even a full post or page.

Move From Staging to Live

Moving content from a WordPress staging site to a live site has never been easier! Now you can just copy and paste content including all the assets between a development environment to your live website.

Bulk Actions

Work faster with bulk actions. Copy multiple posts at a time with just one click and paste them in another WordPress website.