Paul Charlton

Paul Charlton Mentioned Doubly in His New YouTube Video “10 GREAT WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of”

With over 50,000 plugins on the WordPress repository, it’s very hard to hear about new good plugins. Paul Charlton from WPTuts has curated a list of 10 GREAT WordPress Plugins You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

Doubly has been released only for one week in the WordPress directory. In one week we have reached many of our initial goals. But we never thought that we would be mentioned so fast in one of the most popular Youtube channels about WordPress.

Even though the mention was short we are still excited to share with you guys in our first blog post. You can hear what Paul thinks about Doubly in the video below at 15:30.

Thank you Paul for mentioning us on your channel we truly appreciate it! Stay tuned there is a lot more to come with the upcoming releases of Doubly.

We also wanted to say thanks to Kyle Van Deusen & members over at The Admin Bar Facebook group for helping to compile the great list of plugins Paul’s video was based on.