Migrate Divi Pages Between WordPress Websites

To migrate a Divi page from one WordPress website to another follow the instructions in the article below.  Before starting the copy-paste process make sure that you have Doubly plugin installed on both websites.

Copy Button #

Visit the front end view of the page that you want copy to copy to a diffrent website and click the “Copy” button on the top WP toolbar.

Copy Page Button #

In the Doubly toolbar click on the “Copy Page” button.

Paste Button #

Visit the pages menu item in the WordPress website you want to move your Page to. Click on the “Paste” button in the WP admin toolbar.

Paste Clipboard Contents #

Right click in the input and select paste to paste the page to your WordPress website.

Pasting Page #

A loader will show up until pasting is complete. Please don’t close the browser window until the pasting proccess is complete. 

Migration Complete #

Awesome! You have successfully moved your Divi page from one WordPress website to another with just a couple of clicks.

Video Tutorial #