Copy Paste Media Between WordPress Websites

In this article we will explain how to move media files between two diffrent WordPress websites in the most sufficient way using Doubly plugin.

Media List View #

Visit the media menu item on your WordPress website you want to copy media from. Make sure to move to list view.

Select Media Files #

Select the media files you wish to copy by selecting there checkboxes.

Bulk Copy Media Files #

Under the bulk actions dropdown select copy and click the Apply button.

Paste Button #

Visit the backend view of the website you want to copy your media files to and navigate to the Media menu item in the menu. Click on the Paste button on the top toolbar and the Doubly menu will appear.

Paste Clipboard Contents #

Right click in the input and select paste to paste the media to your WordPress website.

Awesome! You successfully moved your media files from one WordPress website to another with just a couple of clicks.